Below the seamless surface of self-assuring user experience we constructed, trying to maintain the certainty of control, the networked culture's undercurrents keep uncanny hybrids propagating.

While they channel our desires thus guiding our daily activities, we still believe in words and making sense, at the same time getting lost in hypertext’s garden of forking paths.

We are convinced that in order to overcome the narcosis of gadget-lover merely staring at big data, deflecting equipment is required, allowing rapid intuitive actions under its petrifying glance.

Artifacts of high techne seem to be far more social, collective and discursive than naïve maker-culture allows us to believe, yet much more transparent than media arts obscurantism, thus potentially becoming instruments of analogue communication.

Fusing expertise spanning from code to materials, from sounds to buildings, we are well equipped to manipulate simultaneously iconic, symbolic and indexical components of such interfaces or simply manufacture saturated traces of unfolding networked imagination.


OddEquipment focuses on interfacing artistic expression via both hands-on generative control over analogue processes and intuitive interaction with dense data structures, using technology, networks and market as both medium and instrument together with advanced material craft.

As an active node of open-hardware and open-source movement we aim at providing vehicles playfully reflecting parallel streams of self suspended between velocity of pattern recognition and inertia of matter.