breadboard PSU

Powered from a 9-15V (12V typ.) 1500 mA DC-Supply via a standard 5mm Barrel Jack, breadboard PSU plugs directly into the supply rails of your breadboard and delivers up to +/- 200 mA (+/- 12V rails) and 500mA (5V rail) of noise-free juice. Utilizing high quality DC-DC-Converters with excellent efficiency, breadboard PSU is, with modifications, the core design solution for generating the necessary Voltages in all our products.

Although mainly intended for prototyping, breadboard PSU is also a neat solution for powering your next small DIY Synth project permanently.

We'll update and optimize the Design soon, production will start in March to April 2017, so stick around. If you can't wait - grab the design-files from our git and DIY!

Price: tba


* Global Power Switch

* separate led indicators for each rail and DC-in

* seperate input fuses for both DC-DC-Converters

* input reverse polarity protection

* output short circuit protection

* jumpers for measuring current concumption

* possibility for isolating grounds of +/-12 V and 5 V rails


The development of breadboard PSU was funded by AWS Austria Wirtschafts Service


January 25 2017


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